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The Natural 12" Dong With Balls Sex Toy Product

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The Natural 12" Dong With Balls Sex Toy Product Image 1
The Natural 12" Dong With Balls Sex Toy Product Image 2

The Natural 12" Dong With Balls

In Stock

(55 Reviews)
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MSRP:  $58.99
Price:   $42.89
You Save:  $16.10 (27%)

Product Details

  • Weight: 1.94 lbs
  • Width: 2.20 Inches
  • Length: 11.60 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 10.00 Inches
  • Features: Phthalate Free ,
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
    Made in USA
    Made in USA - Made in USA products are manufacturer in the United States of America.
  • Materials: PVC
    PVC - PVC, sometimes referred to as jelly, is a plastic made more flexible and soft by the addition of plasticizers or phthalates. Some odor is usually detectable with PVC toys. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Beige
  • Texture: Veiny
    Veiny - Quality of raised markings that bear a physical resemblance to the veins on a penis.
  • Shapes: Phallic
    Phallic - Resembles a penis.
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • UPC: 782421243609
  • SKU: DJ5015-01
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Product Description

The Thin Natural looks and feels so much like a real penis, you might actually do a double take! The body-safe PVC with antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula makes for a super-flexible cock that moves with you. The raised veins and incredibly detailed head adds to the realism/ This cock is pretty manageable in terms of size, with a 12" length, and a circumference of 6.5", making it great for someone who likes a realistic size as well as look.

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55 Reviews
bigcock Verified Buyer
Jan 24, 2014
long and slender
This was one of my first huge dildos i bought. The first time i used it i was on all fours and my girl pushed it all the way in . I love stuffing my ass stretching it out,it feels so good to be stretched out wide. Its a good dildo for somebody just starting out.
Dagny M Reardone Verified Buyer
Jul 1, 2013
Naturally Delicious!
It seems the product detail is correct but the product description is wrong. This item does not vibrate and is certainly more than 7" in length. That being said, I thoroughly enjoy my Natural. The material and texture are true to its namesake. It feels great in my vagina where I can just about bury its entire length. The girth is quite adequate and keeps me pleasantly stretched. This thing sinks perfectly into my asshole, and when I work up to a frenzy it's a real gut rearranger. I can actually slam this thing balls deep into my poop chute. It is the perfect stepping stone to entering the world of Brutal Dildos.
bluluxabica Verified Buyer
Jan 9, 2013
what a thing! i love sucking this thing!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 14, 2012
Girl friend loves it
she cant keep it out of her pussy she sneaks it in and uses it all the time loves it in her pussy while i fuck her ass
O'henry Verified Buyer
Apr 16, 2012
one of the better products we have tried
suction base would be nice,great fun
Joanna Verified Buyer
Feb 19, 2012
Fulfilled at last
Te Natural is all you said it was and more. The life like feel is great. Have been useing a 8in 5 around life like but it was just not getting me that full feeling and i wanted bigger and longer. Looked at the reveiws for the natural and like what i read.Itgot here and i could not wait to use it.I started out with theold one ,Just to losen things up.But when i got the Natural started it was great it took about 45min befor i got it all the way in and was i fufilled its what i have been wanting for a long time.Thanks Sex Toys >Com Joanna
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 8, 2012
I purchased this for my wife as a surprise, and was it ever ! While I was giving her oral sex I used this amazing dildo to bring her to what had to be one of the greatest orgasms of her life ! I have never seen her react like that. I can't wait to use it again !
Tabitha Verified Buyer
Oct 25, 2010
Lets just say I'm a size queen I started sex early and the guy I had sex a lot with was very big. I'm not a big girl myself just 5'1" 105lbs but I took 8 1/2" at 12 till I was 16 almost every day. My boyfriend who's average about 6 3/4" long asked me if I had bigger before him. After some pestering I admitted I had a bigger better sex partner before him. Instead of getting mad he got this and he will fuck me with a vengeance. I'm not sure if I could go bigger because this thing does the job very well. I think I'm scared to go too big and phase out men.
narc@ssistic Verified Buyer
Apr 2, 2009
Review of DJ5015-01
This is actually a really good dong. It was my second graduation after the Perfect 10 jellie dong. I loved the 10 jellie, but nature called, and I needed something bigger. The thickness of the head is pretty filling, you will find out, but after a few go-arounds you will find it VERY pleasing, and super fuckable. I always use condoms with my toys (to keep them clean), and recommend the practice. As is the case, textured condoms add a great deal of sensation & pleasure to the experience. After some practice you can really screw yourself silly with this one... until its time to go BIGGER!!! ;-) Enjoy!!!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 10, 2008
Review of DJ5015-01
This thing is amazing! I can take it balls deep and sit down with it inside of me. I like to have it in me when I go through the drive through at McDonalds. Great fun.
maria Verified Buyer
Oct 1, 2008
Review of DJ5015-01
I was surprised with this dildo several months ago. Now, my hubby insists on using the web cam and I have to do myself while he encoursges me. I do myself harder or faster thinking maybe he wants to watch me with other men.I have came on cam and he likes me to suck his cock while looking into the cam. I get off and he knows it and then has me masturbate yet more.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 24, 2008
Review of DJ5015-01
OMG! I never thought that I would not only love banging myself with this monster cock dildo but I do it on an adult web cam site that my hubby first made me do it on! Made me---lol! Now I love blatantly doing myself and not quitting until I have several repeat orgasms and my all famous drenching squirt! No more shame for this little hubbys slut! He has even came home unannounced and found me with my pussy being filled with this huge dildo and my eyes closed imagaining it was the real deal.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 25, 2008
Review of DJ5015-01
This dildo is the best! My wife loves it and fucks it alot. I also like it in my ass deep and hard. Well worth the $ and will get you off. Great for the asshole if you can take it.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 10, 2008
Review of DJ5015-01
I like big and and this cock is perfect. The shaft tapers slightly and the shape will make it pull into youre ass after you are halfway down. I wish it had a spine because its really soft, but that makes it feel more real. If it were attached to a suction cup it would be alot better. My butt hurts
Loveme Verified Buyer
Jun 22, 2007
Review of DJ5015-01
Boy this one is my biggest I still havent been able to take it all. My husband loves to do me with it which I dont mind at all. I only wish he would just pull it of the dresser and do me without asking, I like suprises. Love the thickness of it. Enjoy eveyone it sure is worth the $$ The big purple is next on my list.
legoflass Verified Buyer
Mar 20, 2007
Review of DJ5015-01
Its not as big as I thought it would be. Needs more bumps and ridges to give it a good ride. Otherwise, its a good filler.
pleased Verified Buyer
Mar 1, 2007
Review of DJ5015-01
It just came I had it fedexed and I could not wait to close the door. I ripped open the box and boy this thing is the biggest dick I have ever seen. I lubed this cock up and jumped on it. The suction cup if fantastic. I came three times in 10 minutes and filled me up. I will be working this into my ass for some real stretching as I am used to much smaller and the real thing. I will be pumping my pussy on this thing every chance I get..
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Feb 14, 2007
Review of DJ5015-01
WOW: I have bought alot of Dildos and wasted alot of $$$ on some bad ones.. BUT this one, was and is the BEST feel so real (like a hot dick) fucking my eyes out.. hit me deep and hard.. Love to take it and use it with the door on the dyer :) .. on my hand and knees while he fucks me from behind.. wow.. Deep and HARD.. love it.. want more of it
Gary Verified Buyer
Jan 27, 2007
Review of DJ5015-01
My wife and I are 65 and 64 respectively and I had been looking for a toy to spice up our sex life. Decided on the natural and it fits the bill. The day we received this I licked my wifes pussy and clit to get her ready and then introduced this BIG boy into our lovemaking session, Started easing it in thinking it would take her a little time to take the entire thing but she immediately spread her legs and told me to fuck her hard and long with it. I didnt need any coaxing and rammed the entire length into her cunt and she came immediately and begged me not to stop. Needless to say, we had one of the best nights of sex ever. Best money spent in a long time.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 2, 2007
Review of DJ5015-01
This toy is great! It was given to me as a gag gift on my 22nd birthday. My pussy immediately became wet when I opened the gift. I put it on the coffee table and there were some laughs as I pretended to suck it. During the next hour of talking and chatting, I kept thinking about this dildo! Finally, I went to the bathroom, lubed up my pussy and put lube on my hand. I left my panties in the bathroom. I came back out and went straight to the dildo. I ran my lubed hand up and down the shaft. I then kneeled on the coffee table and raised my skirt and mounted it. All in front of about 20 friends. A few left. But soon, I had more cock than I could imagine being offered to me to suck and a few girlfriends also rubbing my clit and playing with my tits and ass. Best birthday party ever!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 27, 2006
Review of DJ5015-01
OMG! We had several different dildos before but this one is absolutely wonderful! My hubby had waited for me to get ready, he was setting our webcam up and a blanket on the floor. At first I thought he was going to show my new nightie and maybe my breasts but he told me to get on the blanket on my back. Then he showed me this particular dildo! I was hot already and he handed it to me to feel the weight. As he rubbed lube on my vagina and the dildo he told me to enjoy it! I started just a little rubbing on my clit then slowly worked this cock-like dildo slowly in me stopping after about half its length. I was enjoying this and began slow in and out movements when he joined me on the blanket and helped bury it to the max. He pulled it out about an inch and began furiously pumping me with it all the time on cam! I felt so great that I left it in me as I performed oral on him and he helped me to a second and third orgasm! Girls, this is really a fantastic dildo. Just the right size and very lifelike for sure!
justin in NJ Verified Buyer
Dec 12, 2006
Review of DJ5015-01
This dildo is fabulous!!!! The first four inches are the thickest, but once thats in it actually becomes easier to accomodate. This added girth is what makes this toy so special and absolutely spectacular for assplay. It will fill your anal cavity to max and will keep sending waves of pleasure over your prostate with every thrust. Ive had numerous orgasms without even touching my cock while riding this gorgeous monster. Work up to this one, use plenty of good quality lube, and try not to scream to loud. Excellent toy, great price.
Steven Verified Buyer
Jul 31, 2006
Review of DJ5015-01
I have to say this dildo was a great buy it was worth every penny. My asshole was stretched like never before. I used it the day i got it in i washed it then began sucking this massive thing then worked in my ass,I never came from a dildo like that before definitely worth the money.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 20, 2006
Review of DJ5015-01
Adding this to our collection was really the best thing I ever did! My wife gets her favorite vibrator going on her clit. The jock cock dildo may be first used and Ill get her close and withdraw it. When I inserted the natural next she really started to purr. Her moans told me she was loving it. When I had been pumping her for about five minutes I quit and told her to take over. She was pushing it in slow until it was buried. I had her withdraw several inches and told her to do herself the right way and she began long strokes with it and soon was pumping herself furiously. She is a squirter and this definitely made her do that!
Ellen Verified Buyer
Jul 11, 2006
Review of DJ5015-01
My husband bought this for me three years ago and I cant stop using it. I have several boyfriends that stop over and I always show off with the huge rubber cock outside on our farm. Lately I have been able to push the balls in first and I let it hang from the big balls!!! It is heavy and I love the feeling of it pulling on my hot pussy. There is no way to count the orgasms I have had with it!
Bear Verified Buyer
Apr 26, 2006
Review of DJ5015-01
I purchased the 12 Natural about 2 years ago and It has become My personal favorite of the few Dildos I own ! I also own the 12 Czar Emporer and I use the 12 Natural to prep my ass for the insertion of the Czar Emporer ! I love using both of them and rate each of them ***** !!! Both of them really do get me to bust a nut quick ! Just wish I could find a bisexual - bicurious or Gay Male Stud with a Cock as big as the Natural & the Czar Emporer !
hottotroot Verified Buyer
Mar 8, 2006
Review of DJ5015-01
This is one of the best dongs ive ever used. not too big and not too small. Well worth the price, i just wish it a little longer. Buy one and have some great fun. Enjoy.
Billy Verified Buyer
Dec 15, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
I saw one of those collosal cocks, and I think that is good just for play but not for use with your lover, cause is really bigger. I had useD this with my girlfriend just for say Look what i got for you, and we play with it, but, sincerely, i think that this cock can kill a woman, hehehe, ok, thats what i think.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 2, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
this is what you want in a toy ,just the right size it will fill your hot pussy and leave you enough to hang will want to use it all night long Linda
Darla Verified Buyer
Dec 1, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
The guy Ive been seeing on and off this year has fucked me with this a few times. He can get it in clear up to the balls, but he mostly held it between his thighs and fucked me hard! Twice, he even got himself inside me along with it! I also rode it from on top, and it seemed as if I could have taken more! I sure wish my husband would use something like this on me! Maybe Id quit fucking around on him and remain faithful.. NAH!!!!!!!!!!!
btmboyDC Verified Buyer
Nov 22, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
WOW!!! I read all the reviews and didnt expect what I got this is a nice big dic. Im so looking forward to using it on myself and with a friend.Im sure my hole will not be the smae but Im sure looking forward to it Looks good feels good, I guess a lot of lube is required, and maybe a little drunk too but Im excited to use it
Karen Verified Buyer
Nov 19, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
This is a great toy I think every women would love this, the size is right and is long enough for any woman.I can use this every day.and my husband loves to use this on me.
Karen Verified Buyer
Nov 18, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
This is a great toy you can fuck this for hours, it is big but not too big. my husband loves to use this on me.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 29, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
It was a great item, and worked fine, except, it got a number of cracks in it, and after a few uses broke in half. Keep in mind it was under normal use, nothing major. and broke in half :(
mick Verified Buyer
Oct 24, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
When I first showed it to my wife, she said no way, to throw it away. but I knew she would love it if she gave it a chance. So I waited till we were both good and drunk, I got her hot and wet and I fucked her hard with my dick, I pulled out for a sec, she complained because she wanted more. I had the dong lubed up already, grab it next to me, acted liked I was going to re-enter her and slid in the dong, I popped in the head and she gasped and moaned deeply and spread her legs wider and with no bitching, so I knew I could proceed. I slid it in further slowly, I could see on her face how much she enjoyed it. I asked her if her new dick felt good, she could hardly talk, Ive never heard her whimper like that, then her eyes rolled in the back of her head. We had a hell of a time that night. Now every so often Ill break it out, its definitely not for every day. She enjoys it very, very much.
DamienCross Verified Buyer
Oct 13, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
All I can say is that, this dildo, big and stiff that it is, is very satisfying. It took a while to fit the head in, but after a few moments of keeping the head in, I just slide down on it. At first, it doesnt give, but after a while, the feeling of being full inside is wonderful. Very erotic feeling of being stuffed, after a few tries, this dildo does goes in nice and easy.
SCW Verified Buyer
Sep 27, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
OK, so I told the wife I bought this for her but it was really more for me. One night I used it on her and when we were done stretching her pussy and after about 6 orgasms I invited her to use it on me. She was a little surprised, but obliged and WOW did it feel great! And the sex afterward was just amazing! My wife really seems to enjoy shoving this monster up my ass - one night she even pulled it, lubed it up, and told me to lay down so she could fuck me up the ass. I also love using it to open up her pussy for fisting - plus seeing it slide inside her while I lick on her clit just makes me (and her) unbelievably horny. I want to come home and find her using it one day - that would be so hot. Highly recommended ... but if you use it for anal and vaginal play then use a condom -- plus it makes it slide easier.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 11, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
This was a birthdsy gift for my wife. She absolutely loves it, especially when she works the area just below the head where its 7 around. This is her second BIG toy, and is her biggest so far. She loves the way it stretches her out and goes deep. We use it more than any other toy she has, and it drives her over the edge when I double penetrate her at the same time. She cums like 2 or 3 times with just the dildo, and 5 or 6 more when I slide in with it. This product is well worth the money & excitement.
KinkStud Verified Buyer
Aug 9, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
This is a GREAT Toy. LOVE IT ! Thicker at the head so once you get it in it stays put. Great for piston fucks, slides in and out real nice. Long enough for that deep itch, taking it to the balls. Highly Recommended
Boy-Toy Verified Buyer
Aug 5, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
So I got these 3 at the same time, the Bamm Bam, Dick Rambone, And the Natural. For some reason this feels really good when I suck on it. Its soft and would imagine this is how a real man would feel.(Im a virgin. It feels even better in the ass and I feel I can ride this for hours without a condom for road rash.As a matter of fact Ill go get to fuck right now...
Jon Knight Verified Buyer
Jul 5, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
Very nice dildo, i like it alot i also have a rambone but i like this little better cuz i can fit it in with less pain, if it was as long as the rambone it would be prefect! or if rambone was as wide as this one! i would tell anyone that likes anal sex to get this one i love it and my girl friend love useing it on me.
Ben Verified Buyer
Jul 1, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
I had a woman try to use this dong in a Leather Strapon. I had to be broken in with a smaller 2 x 8 Vac-U-Loc Strapon dong first. It felt great but she was so vigorous it tore the Strapon. I felt like I wanted something a little longer. So she used The Natural and its 13 felt like HEAVEN! I thought she was tearing my asshole because it was a little wider; but she was slow and used lots of lube. Then she finally got it all the way in to the balls. I felt like it was stimulating a region deep inside my colon that sent shivers down my spine and legs. She then fucked me hard and as deeply as she could bringing me to multiple hands-free anal orgasms! She humped me for over 30 minutes and I still could have taken another hour!!
freak Verified Buyer
Jun 26, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
I use the natural a lot. It is awesome. It really stretches the insides, and talk about orgasm. Dang near passed out it felt so good. After three times trying in the ass, I could take it all the way to the balls.
Anon Verified Buyer
Jun 2, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
A medium sized dildo only. A great toy for warming up to something bigger like the rambone. It goes in easy and has a soft but not squirmy feel. The balls are a good shape to hang onto to really fuck yourself dilerious.
luv to cum pussy Verified Buyer
May 28, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
I loved it. I rip my pussy apart. The pleasure keeps my pussy jumping, and my bed wet. I put all of it up in my walls. And bang the shit out it. Just put it in and work it.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 2, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
This is my first large toy and was nervous at first, but after the first use I couldnt get enough. Thankfully I practiced with a 2 butt plug for a few weeks before I tried it. I can take it in my ass all the way to the balls and love to back down on it and ride it till I explode. I fucked my ass with it for an hour for my second session and shot two big loads. This toy feels so real, and is sturdy with out being too hard. It is my new favorite!
TapeWorm Verified Buyer
Mar 24, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
Whoa, what a BIG boy! Size increasing after the head, well tapered. Colors seems to be hand made, not very well... thats a detail anycase.
Terry Verified Buyer
Mar 17, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
This is an awsome toy!! My wife says it feels better then the real thing!! I catch her using it all the time! She is hooked. She told me the other nite that she found her a new man, well the best part of a man anyway....I love the way she uses this on her self. She says it really fills her up!......she cant get enough!
Anon Verified Buyer
Mar 12, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
I just bought one of these and I wish Id bought one sooner. The feel is great, the thickness just right and the length just enough to straighten you out. Ive used it for really hot anal sessions with my partner. Its fantastic I just cant wait to be fucked to a screaming orgasam again :)
happy man Verified Buyer
Mar 6, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
This is a great toy. My wife was surpised when see seem how long it was. But she has Kong who is a little bigger around. So she wanted to try the Natural. After some foreplay she was very wet with some lube in went the Natural with my suprise after a minute she was riding it all the way. After 20 minutes and three or four orgasms and a happy pussy she asked for some anal. What a night, great price for a great toy.This is a great toy to work up to Kong. Kong will open a pussy like no other.
OpenWide Verified Buyer
Feb 22, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
I bought this as a gag many years ago. My hubby got loaded one night about 1 year ago, and pried my pussy open with this monster. I could barely get the head in and just came and came as he twisted away. I can get about 2/3s of it in and fuck it hard. He loves seeing me stretched so wide open. Ive hinted that Id like to try it anally, but he doesnt seem interested as he likes to shove this monster in and fuck my ass. Ive read so much about how lovely this feels anally and hope that perhaps once I show him these reviews hell split me wide open...everywhere! This was so worth the $ and has outlasted several smaller, but more expensive dildos.
Peggy Verified Buyer
Feb 20, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
Well worth it thanks, I have never cummed so much before.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 29, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
For the price this was worth the investment.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 22, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
A couple of comments on the other reviews here: The person whos toy broke after two uses must have gotten a defective product or used a lube that was incompatible with the material. I have used this toy about once a week for about 3 years and its still going strong. If you are worried, put a condom on it. Also, as far as full insertion...I cant speak to vaginally because I dont have one but I love taking this all the way to the balls. Its about a foot long and the thick top end feels amazing...all the way into my descending colon. For something thicker, I use the John Holmes realistic which is my favorite.
Lydia Verified Buyer
Jan 16, 2005
Review of DJ5015-01
This dildo is wonderful for that filled up feeling, plus theres enough left over to hold on to....have had mine about a year and no problems with cracks as mentioned in another review.

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