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Great American Challenge 15 Inch - Purple	 Sex Toy Product

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Great American Challenge 15 Inch - Purple

In Stock

(41 Reviews)
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MSRP:  $117.99
Price:   $80.39
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Product Details

  • Weight: 4.70 lbs
  • Width: 2.50 Inches
  • Length: 15.50 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 10.50 Inches
  • Features: Phthalate Free ,
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
    Made in USA ,
    Made in USA - Made in USA products are manufacturer in the United States of America.
    Latex Free
  • Materials: PVC
    PVC - PVC, sometimes referred to as jelly, is a plastic made more flexible and soft by the addition of plasticizers or phthalates. Some odor is usually detectable with PVC toys. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Purple
  • Shapes: Phallic
    Phallic - Resembles a penis.
  • Other: Dimensions Confirmed
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • UPC: 782421587802
  • SKU: DJ0270-04
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Product Description

Who's up for a Challenge?! Especially one that involves a massive 15" cock. Huge and thick all around, The Great American Challenge will be your new best friend. It is made from non-phthalate body-safe material, which includes Doc's antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula. Available in purple and proudly made in America. Warning: This is Huge - Do not order unless you understand the size! Made of a soft jelly. 14.8 inches from the base to the tip 10.7 inches from the top of the balls to the tip The dong is more oval shape than round, so the diameter ranges from 2.75 inches to 2.25 inches The circumference (distance around) is 8.75 inches at it's widest point and 8 inches just below the head.

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50 Reviews
Jan 27, 2017
If the vibrators hadn't failed.
So I owned the American challenge a long time but the vibrators stopped working a month into the toys life. However even without the vibrators this thing is well awesome. Doc Johnson's Sil-A-Gel is the most comfortable material I have used for penetration, I have used large toys for a long time and this one I use almost every time. The head is a challenge but when you get the head deep inside you it's nothing but pleasure. With the right lube and practice you can get pretty deep with this toy especially since the shaft is not as wide as the head. I definitely wish the vibrators on mine still worked I probably wouldn't use any other toy.
Dec 25, 2016
Im not gay, but I do like to get fucked with a dildo and my wife is always happy to do it
bigcock Verified Buyer
Feb 15, 2014
Nice and smooth
If you are into huge dildos like me then this one should not be a problem. The huge head is the only thing to conquer . It is in fact 2.75" thick at the head and it gives you a good popping effect after you loosen up and start riding it . The dildo over all is very flimsy, will not stand up on its own and very soft to the touch. I get my girlfriend to hold the dildo and she puts me on all fours and feeds me the dildo all the way in till the balls touch my ass. It will bend very easy so it will go inside and follow your insides with no problem. She likes to pick up speed and the let the dildos huge head pop out of my ass and pop it back in a bunch of times,I love it also, i love huge cocks inside me. This dildo is hard to play with alone ,its best that you have someone working it for you,other than that its a real nice dildo.
bigcock Verified Buyer
Jan 22, 2014
take it like butter
the head is bigger than the rest,if you can pop the head in the rest is like a stick of butter.I popped mine in first try,well my girl popped it in and shoved the whole thing in to the balls and then turned it on!!!!!!! My God i came all over the place!!!! The reason i only gave it 3 stars is because the vibrators quit working on the 3rd time i used it and also it is kind of flimsy. Its hard to deep stroke it , you can not pop the head in and out like with some dildos and thats what i like doing popping the head out !!!!!! overall it is a nice dildo but needs to be stiffer. i sit on mine upright in bed and masturbate with it all the way inside me. I love getting filled up with huge cock,there is nothing in this world that feels better than having your ass filled up with huge cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
jed113 Verified Buyer
Dec 8, 2013
Love at first ride
This thing looked scary out of the box. I didn't know if it would fit in my man cunt. It took about 15 minutes of warming up with a smaller toy and lots of lube to loosen me up and to my surprise the head popped in and what an awsome feeling. I am taking all but the last 2 inches and can't wait to bury it to hilt. I want to go crazy on it but am taking it slow. This is a must have for large toy lovers.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 7, 2013
Wife loves it
My wife says that she loves the stretch and how deep it goes. She loves the feeling of being full.
rob Verified Buyer
Apr 29, 2013
this is a awsome vibe
A extreamly hot female freind of mine forgot this monster out when she went on vacation and left me to house sit and I always wanted to try a big vibrator in my ass so I fucked my ass with it every day that week at the time she came home I had the whole thing in my ass vibe all the way up and when she saw what I was doing she had me get on all four then she fucked my ass hard with it I loved it
Jonesy Verified Buyer
Mar 10, 2013
Great American Challenge
Best toy I've ever had. I like anal play and its hard to find a woman that likes that in a man. I have never been with a man. We have a lot of toys and been playing for over a decade. This is a must have toy for men or women who like it big. Easy to start the head and then the head pops in and pure fun after that for either one of us. Don't buy one you will need two one for each of you.
mjtwentyfourseven Verified Buyer
Dec 16, 2012
Great American Challenge
Got my package in the mail and the girlfriend went and said honey this is for you. She opened the package and she said honey that's for you. A few days later on my day off it was time to play with the toys. Did a little playing around with the lady and it was time for the Great American Challenge. Got the head in and wow, took over half of the purple toy right away. My lady was pushing for the whole thing. That will be another review. This toy is the best of my collection, smooth, soft, comfortable. Five thumbs up. It just fills good.
Jeff Verified Buyer
Sep 13, 2012
Wife Loves It
I bought this for my wife without her knowing. I use some very nice big vibrators and dildos on her, but never one this gigantic. When this arrived I couldn't believe the sheer size of it. It is huge, but is very flexible and just soft enough. The double bullets are very powerful. I started my wife out on the cherry vibro dong, she can take all 8+ inches. Then I got the belladonna banger out, and fucked her very hard for a good while with that to loosen her up, and she got almost 10" of that in. Then I got her in doggy position, and brought out this beast, I lubed it up really well, and this monster cock slid right into her tight pussy. She started moaning with pleasure, and I slid it deeper into her. I couldn't believe her tiny frame and tight pussy could take on so much cock! I started pumping her harder and harder, and she started bucking her hips harder, then she sat hard on it and took this colossus all the way down to the balls, she came so hard she was screaming for me to fuck her harder with it, which I happily obliged, it looked so hot sliding in and out of her tight pussy. I showed it to her and she couldn't believe it was in her, and she had to insert it herself so she could see with her own eyes. She started fucking herself again with it, and gave me a nice BJ while she fucked her pussy, and she was so satisfied she let me give her a facial for the first time. Buy this for your wife now, she'll love you for it!!!
B. Verified Buyer
Aug 13, 2012
This thing is amazing! I've enjoyed anal, even though I'm not gay, I enjoy how it makes me feel. I bought this about a month ago, and have been able to use it until now. The pure size of this thing is simply amazing and the pictures and numbers really don't prepare you for the up close and personal encounter. I mainly play in the shower so even though I couldn't take it at first I always took it in with me for inspiration. I've always wanted to have something large in me so I started getting bigger toys, starting with the Basix 12 and the Czar emporer. Well needless to say, it was long before I got warmed up enough to take this bohemoth. The minute I got the head in, I lost my breath and my knees buckled. I can't take it all, I want to say a little less than half, but that doesn't matter to me. It makes me cum so quick!
Hardstrokes Verified Buyer
May 12, 2012
Wife Loves It !
I bought this dildo for my wife because she loves have sex with big cock studs and loves using big dildos. When it arrived she just had to try it out right then. Within seconds she had the whole thing shoved deep inside her balls deep. She really loves this and can't wait to move up to the next diameter.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 25, 2012
Just Amazing
I love this huge monster. This is a must have.
Easy-entry Verified Buyer
Jan 19, 2012
Has me screaming
Had to get it because of the name, and I never turn down a challenge. This is the largest to I have ever owned and most likely will ever own. I dont have a vagina so no clue how vaginal feels, but anal penetration with this can be awakening. I Start off with smaller toys and work up to this monster. It is a lube hog just due to its massive size, but if you have perverted friends you can brag to them. After all lube is just a small price to pay. I have inserted this beast infornt of a couple friends whom are gay and they love seeing me slide down it and moan. This dong can actually make me cum just from riding it. It hits so many pleasure zones for me. I cant complain that it makes me have silent farts because I know what I getting into when I pulled it out. This is the reason why my nickname is easy-entry. Its massive size has forever made my ass loose, but while your riding it you just dont care about being loose. My dirty friends actually want me to give them pay show with it 1 day a week. Once i am done with the review Im going to pull my butt plug out add a whole lot more lube and get on my monster. Just looking at it in pics makes me horny
Muffy Verified Buyer
Jul 16, 2011
Holy Crap!
OH MY GOD!! My girl friend took this huge thing with a little lube and came for 20 minute! She came so hard she lost control!! Don't buy this unless you're ready to pay the consequences ;) Unless she is very small or not into BIG toys..... She will LOVE THIS!!!
usm109 Verified Buyer
Jun 12, 2011
must have
This product is a great item to have a ice breaker. My friend was able to use it, tight fit enough to fill anyones walls.
kinkychic Verified Buyer
Dec 8, 2010
great product
The size is surprising, but with some lube you can enjoy it either vaginal or anal.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 5, 2010
must have for the size guys
I picked this beast up a few weeks ago and since then all of my other toys have been put on the back shelf. A first I was a bit timid about it, but after the head went in, everything went out the window. As of late, I have just about more than half in. I think I'll be looking for another big vibe soon.
Bob Verified Buyer
Feb 25, 2010
I fell in love with this monster the first time I tried it. I'm a small guy, 5' 10" and had a hard time taking this monster. But after a few hits of poppers and with the vibrate turned on low, it started slipping in. I then started turning up the vibe and was able to take most of it. I came without touching my dick.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 23, 2009
love it
I love riding this thing..when it bust through my ass there's no better feeling than this going up inside me.
nomicpl Verified Buyer
Nov 17, 2009
In action video
Wife loves it. Have video of it in action.
Ricki Verified Buyer
Nov 13, 2009
Biggest I Have EVER Had!
When I first got it, I lubed up the purple giant and worked it in my butt. I gasped as the huge head slid inside, and I kept on pumping on the monster until I got 7.5 inches of it inside me. I came like a freight train! Worth every cent.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 7, 2008
Review of DJ1101-04
Your not kidding this monster is huge cant use it. Worth the price but I would have to take some real baby steps to try and use this challenge or not. Recommend for those who are used to extra large!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 23, 2008
Review of DJ1101-04
This is a very huge dong...but I love them huge. I had to modify the head some to be able to push this dong in me, which almost made me cry, not because my tiny anus was being tore wide open, but because I had to mess up this perfectly shaped dong. OMG the vibes on this thing are sooooooo amazing, after I finally got a few inches inserted, which is a miracle, Im only 56 and 125lbs vibe loving guy, I turned the vibes on, low at first, and orgasmed, then I turned them up, and almost passed out with such great pleasure! This dong is 14.5 inches of pure sexual heaven.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 15, 2008
Review of DJ1101-04
all I can say is what a huge dong...I actually had to cut and modify the head to get it in. I lubed up with the gold hustler but plug then I used the Scene Stealer -a great dong- then finally lubed this God of dildos, and pushed it until it ripped my tight anus. I can only take about 4 inches, but then I turn the vibe on, and OOOOMIFG. I came and came, I really enjoyed this dong once I got it in. dont waste your money if you cant take something this huge though, and dont underestimate its size. It is the worlds largest, and it is the dildo of dildos.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 29, 2008
Review of DJ0270-04
This toy is huge, do not underestimate the size. I bought it, and I am an anal slut...I fist myself easlily and still cant get this in me w/o modifying the huge head. im going to try in a bit now that the head is cut a bit to size, and hopefully I can get it in me. I hear that it is the GOD of dildos and I really want it in me....Ill let you know how it feels once in the anus later.
The_nypho Verified Buyer
Jun 10, 2008
Review of DJ0270-04
Wow Just recieved this beast.... Its incredible. The data says its 2.75 inches but I can confirm its more than 3.1 !!! The jelly feels so good and stretches my pussy so nicely... Luckily I used lube! in a couple of days Ill be at the point where I can use it all nights long.... my old 1.5 inches feels so SMALL! Its like a DWARF! If youre looking for a challenge, this is for you. Its huge, heavy and its going to keep me busy for the next couple of months until Im stretched enough to buy something even bigger!
anon fem Verified Buyer
Jul 23, 2007
Review of DJ0270-04
Friend bought it fo me as a gag gift but i soon found out i liked it!! It took me several tries and lot a lube to even get it in my pussy. Ive worked it up to about 9 inches in me so far. I will get it all in eventually. I hope
Jordan and Caroline Verified Buyer
Jun 25, 2007
Review of DJ0270-04
We are a bi-sexual female couple who has been enjoying each others company for over five years now. We have an open relationship and love to experiment. When I saw this, I had to get it. Even the name was intriguing. Jordan says, I got this for Caroline for our four year anniversary. The moment she opened it up, her eyes lit up amd she gave me a wicked grin. We can take it all the way both in the anal and vaginal capacity. The fact that someone needs to be there to help you with it only adds to the pleasure.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 1, 2007
Review of DJ0270-04
unbelievable this thing is huge i now have to convince my wife to try it i really cant wait to get it in her and lick her clit and watch her explode
Anal_Abyss Verified Buyer
Mar 5, 2007
Review of DJ0270-04
I have enjoyed anal play for a long long long time. When I got this I thought I had taken some big dildos before but I was amazed at the size & the texture of this behemuth. It took some time, alot of ASSTROGLIDE & relaxing the sphincters to get it in my ass. I had slathered the dong with lube & also squirted plenty of it directly into my asshole. I gasped & I saw my eyes in the mirror almost pop out onto the floor when it plunged into my bung. I posted up & down taking it deeper up my ass & within a minute or two started cumming without a single stroke to my cock! I have enjoyed as many many assgasms in a short period of time. Walking is another story but if you are like me and anally motivated. This is a must buy product for you . I love it so if you like your dildos big then GO GET YOUR OWN BECAUSE MINR IS UP MY ASS RIGHT NOW & WILL BE FOR QUITE SOME TIME!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 5, 2007
Review of DJ0270-04
This toy was bigger than my girlfriend and I had expected, but that didnt stop us from having fun. We were able to use elastic and secure it to a harness which she wears and I am only too excited to start playing... we found it is easiest to use if i get on top and take my time taking it all... but once its in were able to fuck from any angle... this is a great toy for those who like width... now if only they made a harness that would hold it easily!
tabi Verified Buyer
Mar 5, 2007
Review of DJ0270-04
when i first saw this i thought hmmm that is nice. then when i got & pulled out the box OH MY... what did i purchase. i am a small girl but love love love a challenge. i attempted the first time. it didnt work at all. it is too flexable. third time i was able to take the head thought i was going to split. the vibrations come thru the head oh how i felt after mmmm mmm good. will keep trying til i can take it all. it gives a great feeling of being very full with just the head. i can only imagine what it will feel like when i manage to take it all like a big girl. will keep up the practice
cocksucker Verified Buyer
Aug 13, 2006
Review of DJ0270-04
This dildo made my dreams come true. Iss unspeakable feeling when the head permeates your anus first. Everyone must try it. I use the purple monster weekly and now I can easily sit on it - thats why the head should be bigger. My problem with this dildo the smell and taste. Its smelly and if you put it in your mouth you can taste the flavour for hours. But Its worth return for enjoyment.
sliced_fruit Verified Buyer
Jan 30, 2006
Review of DJ0270-04
When I spotted this...I knew I had to have it....I am a little guy and it amazes me how much i can take up the ass....Bravo!
Terry Verified Buyer
Dec 17, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
Bought this dildo for my wife about 2 months from a sex shop in London. I was at first uncertain about the size of it but in the end it was just right for her. We have been using large dildos for a good few years now and my wife can take a good amount of pussy pounding OK. When we actually stsrted to use this monster she only managed about 9 inside of her but she kept at it and in the 2 months since purchase she can take it all with ease. I have developed a harness from leather and can strap this around my torso or strap it onto my upper leg. Its good when we are at home with friends because I can strap it on my torso, my wife sits in my lap with the monster inside of her and she juse wiggles her butt and managed to cum constantly. Its not for everyone of course as it is very large but for us it was an excellent purchase.
rubberbutthole Verified Buyer
Oct 18, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
Well, I must say that I am very satisfied with this purple monster. I am a bi male who likes it BIG!! I have the Bam dildo, and I can take all of it with no problem. I bought the Challenge two weeks ago, and I cannot take all of it up the ass yet!! It measures over 11 inches insertable, and that last 1/2 inch is too much. Although it gives a lot of pleasure,I only wish that the head was more than 8.75 iches around. I can take about 11 inches around. But, I like the Challenge because it is not so big that I cannot take it 10.5 inches deep!! I highly recommend this if you are up for the challenge
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 11, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
holy shit this thing is just what your ass needs! I was working the length of it after a weekend of nothing but this and a fist in my ass. My boyfriend loved to see me with it buried right to the purple nuts. The shape gives more than a few different sensations and we are quite happy with it. Looking for something a little bigger now
mrarl Verified Buyer
Jul 14, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
If you like to have your ass full of dick but just cant find one big enough, this is it. My man has been fuckin me w/this dildo twice a month for 5 months now, and its the greatest. Buy it,get fucked in the ass (in my case)or your pussy. You will come with no-problem.Im very glad that DJ made this dildo---It was just made for my ass to get fucked by it !!!!!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISATISFIED --- BUY IT , IT IS ***** A five star Keeper.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 25, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
If you like em big, then this one is for you. This one is huge! I ordered it online. The desciption said it was huge but, I had no idea until it arrived just how huge. I couldnt wait to get it out of the package. I prepared my ass for the devestation with the John Holmes replica, which is puny compared to the challenge. After I thought I was loose enough. I lubed up the purple monster and attempted to strech my ass over the huge head. AND ITS HUGE! It took a few minutes but it soon slid inside me. It felt great. I was so amazed that I had to do it in front of the mirror to actually see my asshole devour it. Great dildo, well worth the price. Cant get enough of it. If you need more than this, you might want to think about investing in a fire hydrant.
Eton Lin Verified Buyer
May 17, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
When I first bought this I was looking for a bit of a challenge with my boyfriend. At first I was a bit worried that its size will be to big for me - but it turned out to be just right. However, I was pleasantly surprised! It gave me hours and hours of anal pleasure and my arsehole felt as tight as a when I first started. Thanks guys! If theres any new products, please email me. Eton 19 yr old Melbourne Uni Med student
big hole Verified Buyer
Mar 31, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
Nice and smooth! Wish it was another inch thick. Works very well in an ass and fills it up without it hurting. Still wish there was something like this an inch bigger in diameter and with a suction cup base. Have an extra large stump as well and modified the base to make it suction to the floor and love it although it needs the soft skin like covering to help smooth humping. Id love to find something about 3.5 inches around by 13 long and smooth to go that extra mile when the mood hits! This product.... Good, Smooth when lubed right, Works very well.
andrea Verified Buyer
Mar 21, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
me and my boyfriend loved this product, we stayed up hours after using this dildo. I wouldnt buy it if u were a begginer because it is very large and gets in very deep. i would recomend it for anal sex
Rob Verified Buyer
Mar 5, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
Unless you have had some big anal assplay, this one is not for you. It took me about 3 weeks of trying to get the head in. LOTS of lube and patience. Soft and plyable and no rough edges..
Delilah Gemstone Verified Buyer
Mar 3, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
The American challenge is the American dream. I bought two of them; one for the pink, one for the stink. When Im alone, I sit it on the floor, and squat down til my cheeks touch the floor. It feels so good. I think it touched my lungs once. ;) I would highly reccommend this product to anyone who can take a big one.
sebastian Verified Buyer
Feb 16, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
I recently saw this monster and I knew that i had to have it. When I first tried pushing it in I thought wow this is amazing and then I kept sliding down and down and finally I could take no more. My wife has BAM and she loves it in her ass and her pussy, when I pulled this one out she said, that is not going to fit in me! I persuaded her to try and she was so excited that she was moaning and began to ask me to fill her up. That night she must have came about 8 times and the next day she was fucking sore. Before Ken Ryker used to be the MAN, the it was BAM, now she asks for her big purple monster to do the job. She loves to fill her ass and pussy with meat and this does the job. I will advise that this is not for beginners or even people who had average size dildos this will hurt and it does take time. A must for size queens and kings. ride on
sebastian Verified Buyer
Feb 16, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
I own a Bam dildo and it is very large and i could never handle it all. When I first saw this big purple monster i knew i had to feel it fill me up. The size is big and i dont recommend it for first timers. i can take almost all of it and now i can handle all of Bam. this is a beautiful dildo and i LOVE it with all my ass
mr carl Verified Buyer
Feb 16, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
Well, sam made a strap on for it, He dipped it a tub of lube. Aimmed it at my asshole until it pressed against it. He slowly fucked me until the head slid in and down the shaft about 3 inches, held it, then restarted to fuck me til he hit botten bout 6 to7 inches down the shaft. I was very satisfied. this toy is a very good buy. THIS IS WHAT MY ASSHOLE IS MADE FOR
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 11, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
This dildo was incredible, it was somewhat hard, but huge.... It stretched my pussy out and made me cum so much... I measured how much I got in and I took 10 inches,,,, my husband fisted me until I cam again... loved it
Janet Verified Buyer
Jan 10, 2005
Review of DJ0270-04
I am a big girl (511 240#) and can take it all. It feels sssooo good when I lube it up and slide it in all the way, then slowly pick up the speed. Worth double the cost. I have been screwing big guys since I was 14 (38 now) so the size is just right for me.

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